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MsS System
MsS Probe


Ruggedized MsSR 3030
MsSR 3030 instrument or the Ruggedized MsSR3030
  • Two channel transmitters and receivers for controlling direction of wave propagation
  • 120 V or 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, power or battery operated
  • Inspection range in straight above ground pipeline is typically 50 meters on either side of the MsS probes and can be up to 150 meters in ideal conditions.
  • Only a 25-mm clearance is needed around the pipe in dry coupling; the clearance is to 12 mm in permanent monitoring.
  • Operates on pipes from 3/4 to 60 inches in diameter. In monitoring mode MsS probe is made and installed at onsite. Probe is very light (less than 1 kg for 24-inch pipe testing probe).
  • Software indication of multiple reflections.
  • Wide frequency range operation of MsS probe and instrument: 4 kHz to 250 kHz
  • Good direction control with 360° continuously covering probe along the circumference of pipe.
  • Two operation modes: pulse-echo or pitch-catch
  • Time-controlled gain (TCG) function that increases signal-to-noise ratio of signals reflected from a defect or geometric feature at a long distance.
  • Light instrument (4.5 kg)

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