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Commercial Guided Ultrasonic Wave Systems

Three guided wave systems for surveying pipeline are currently in commercial use for piping inspection: MsS system, GUL wavemaker, and Teletest. For generating and receiving of guided wave in pipe, MsS system is based on the magnetostrictive sensor (MsS) developed by Southwest Research Institute®(SwRI®) in the USA, the other two systems are based on piezoelectric array sensors developed by the Imperial College in United Kingdom.

GWA believes MsS system is the best equipment among three in generation a single wave mode, defect detection sensitivity, inspection range, applicability, and price in probe and equipment. Since we are not using a transducer ring, MsS probes are made directly on the pipe covering 360° and, thus, there is no limitation in pipe size. In monitoring application, the price of MsS probe for monitoring 24-inch-OD pipe is about $150 and the price is linearly proportional to the pipe size.

To show the performance of MsS system, an expert in GWA will visit your facility to test pipeline or field line and prove our belief. GWA are especially happy to visit a service provider company currently using GUL wavemaker and Teletest system. GWA suggests that you explore the state-of-the-art MsS system in guided wave inspection and monitoring with direct comparison in your facility.

Please contact us at for demonstration of MsS system in guided wave inspection and monitoring of pipeline. We are sure that you will be happy with our demonstration with MsS system.

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